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PowerPoint Training For The Courtroom

Create A PowerPoint The Right Way!

Have you ever built a PowerPoint and wondered why each slide is formatted inconsistently?  Let us train you how to create a PPT that is consistent from the start.  That way  you won't have to re-format every slide one by one the night before.


That's the just the start.  We can show you how to build document callouts, timelines, animations and much more.  Give us a call so we can show you how to create a professional looking PowerPoint without hiring the professional.

Certified TrialDirector Training

Getting Ready For Trial?

Need a refresher on TrialDirector?  Or are you looking to get training on how to use presentation software for yourself or others in your firm.  We can help.


  • 1 Day Training Course 

This course will get you up to speed on all the in's and out's of TrialDirector.  Plus we'll give the helpful instruction on file management and helpful presentation skills/techniques for in the courtroom.

  • Custom Refresher Course

Have you used the software before but it's been a few years?  We'll get you back up to speed.  Call us and we'll show you the items you need updated. 

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