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Are You Prepared For Trial?

DLS provides full electronic trial support services. Using technology in the courtroom may seem straightforward, but it is not the place to tackle unfamiliar issues. DLS secures the "seamless presentation" by using our experience in both the computer and legal industries to provide solutions to make an electronic trial worry-free.


We would like to demonstrate our services for you. It's one thing to read about us and another to actually meet each other and answer the specific questions you may have about our services. Call us to arrange a time that is convenient for DLS to come in and show you our experience.

Video Deposition


Video is a fantastic way to help inform, educate, and persuade both jurors and potential clients. If you're in need of legal video services, count on Digital Litigation Solutions to assist you. Our video professionals have years of hands-on experience in capturing and editing videos that make a big impact.


Creating individual video clips and transcripts is a powerful method of showing the jury what you want them to see, rather than exposing them to irrelevant or even damaging material that may be present in the full-length video. The video experts at Digital Litigation Solutions will work with you to capture your video at the deposition, synchronize the video with transcripts and identify the specific clips needed for designations that you can show the jury during trial. The end result is a powerful, persuasive, and easy-to-use courtroom tool.

Equipment Rental


Going to Trial? Don't forget the "TRIAL PACK."


What is it? It's all the equipment you'll need for the courtroom. And it's not your standard equipment - this is the good stuff! Plus it's mobile and packed in shipping cases so you can take it around the country or across town. It's the equipment that we like to use!


Call for availability



Getting Ready For Trial?


Need a refresher on TrialDirector?  Or are you looking to get training on how to use presentation software for yourself or others in your firm.  We can help.


Day Training Course 

This course will get you up to speed on all the in's and out's of TrialDirector.  Pluse we'll give the helpful instruction on file management and helpful presentation skills/techniques for in the courtroom.

Custom Refresher Course

Have you used the software before but it's been a few years?  We'll get you back up to speed.  Call us and we'll show you the items you need updated. 

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