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Presentation Support

Looking for a Strong and Compelling Presentation?


When preparing for a hearing, settlement conference or a presentation to your client, let us assist. We'll make it the "seamless presentation" you need.


  • Build and create a presentation

  • Provide scanning services for documents and photos to be included in your presentation

  • Digitization of videos to be used in your presentation

  • Operation of computer during presentations

What Laptop Should You Buy?

Common question that is asked of trial consultants, "What computer do you use"?  So let me break down for you on what we use here at DLS and why.

First, what brand do you like? 

Consultant v. Tech

What's The Difference?

This is a hot topic in our community.  Let's dissect the titles that we have been using lightly over the years.  Using the 2 titles loosely can cause confusion on what level of experience and rates..  


Along with others in the industry, DLS promotes the following to our clients and customers.  

Trial Consultant:

A Trial Consultant is one who has many years of experience in the courtroom, war room and conference rooms during trial.  Their abilities are vast in nature.  This would cover expertise in:

  • courtroom presence/knowledge,

  • communication skills with all involved (trial team, jury consultants, vendors and courtroom staff),

  • pre-trial preparation,

  • courtroom hardware,

  • computer hardware,

  • all software's associated with trial presentation

  • ability to create demonstratives in all forms,

Trial Techs:

This is simple, the Trial Tech can have expertise in a combination of the above skillsets but is still missing experience in others.

DLS provides Trial Consultants to our clients.  We have the people that can take you from start to finish in the most efficient manner.  It's all about expertise!

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